Your Own Website Development Company - by Just Sending Business Owners to Your Website!

If you can hand someone a business card, OR send an email, OR make a phone call, OR post a comment on social media, OR drop a line of code onto a web page, you've got what it takes to create a nice income for yourself that continues to grow each month!

Special Bonuses for the First 12 Months!

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Start Your Own Website Development Company with $0 to $20,000.  

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Private Label Website Example

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If You Can

  • Hand someone a business card, or
  • Make a phone call, or
  • Send an email, or
  • Make a social media post, or
  • Pop a snippet of code onto a website

Then You've Got The Skills to ...

  • Make easy money with our program
  • Make good money with our program
  • Start your own website development & internet marketing company!

What We Do

  • We build websites and develop internet marketing programs for small businesses.
  • We do NOT direct retail.  We sell only through referrals via licensees and affiliates.

What We Will Do For You

  • We will build AND COMPLETELY MAINTAIN a private label website for you, our authorized licensee.
  • This website will be ready to sell website development and internet marketing services for small businesses.
  • When business owners call your unique, toll free number, it rings in our office and we answer the call IN THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS
    • The call is recorded (the caller is notified before the call is answered).
    • The recording of the call is emailed to you.
    • This results is us remaining accountable to you (and protects us, too).
  • We will CLOSE SALES for ALL of your Leads by:
    • Answering ALL of your phone calls and setting appointments for website consultations (we conduct the consultations for you)
    • Replying to ALL form requests for consultations and/or website demonstrations.
    • Conducting UNLIMTED, free consultations for your leads
    • Creating UNLIMITED, free, custom website demonstrations for you leads 
  • We do EVERYTHING! for you except your local lead generation - that is YOUR part.
  • Pay you a commission check equivalent to 50% of setup fees AND recurring monthly or annual fees
    • Commission checks are issued by the 10th of each month for the previous month's sales

What You Will Do For Yourself and Us

  • You will read over this website to find the plan that fits you.
  • You will call us at 360-565-8312 to discuss it with us.
  • You will receive the private label license package you have chosen.
  • You will keep your $100 per month support fee paid (if applicable).
  • You will start marketing your private label site.
    • You don't have to SELL!  All you must do is generate leads by sending people to your website!

What You Will Earn

  • You will start making money!
    • 50% of sales for website design / development!
    • 50% of recurring income from hosting and/or website CMS subscriptions!
  • Payments are sent by the 10th of each month for the previous month's sales

What We Will Agree Together

We will both sign a contract that clarifies the provisions and responsibilities of You and Us.

  • We will discuss your license over the phone and agree to terms verbally.
  • We will draft a contract, sign it and email it to you for approval.
  • You will sign it, scan it, and email it back to us.
  • Then, we will start your program!

Private Label Licensee Program

  • The private label licensee program is NOT FREE but pays 50% for referrals.
    • You get a complete website on a unique domain for marketing your website development company.
    • All you do is get people to the site.
    • We do the rest and you make 50%!
    • See links above for what you get with different levels of investment!

Free Affiliates Program

  • The affiliate's program is FREE and pays 10% for referrals.
    • You get a unique ID
    • You earn 10% for referrals
    • You NEVER have to risk money - your earnings will accrue as you make referrals
    • We credit another 40% towards your license
      • The total cost of your license will depend upon the size of your market and cost of financing
    • When your license fee is paid, we setup your license